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IHOP Customer Survey Option

IHOP is everything you love about breakfast! Currently, there are over 1500 locations across the 50 states in America. The company also has locations available in Canada, Mexico, as well as a few other outside locations.IHOP

Do you love their breakfast menu? Maybe you have tried their signature pancakes, or even their delicious omelets! Maybe you ventured to try one of their latest breakfast creations!

Survey Option

No matter what you tried, you are welcome to join the IHOP customer survey option. The survey is hosted by Mindshare who is working in hand with IHOP to gather customer opinions about their food and services.

To enter the survey, you will need a survey code. This could have been mailed to you by the company, or it may also be on your receipt from your most recent visit. As long as you have a survey code, you should be able to participate.

The survey should only take a few minutes of your time to complete. You may be asked about when you visited, how you liked the service, as well as how you like the food. Other questions may be asked as well to evaluate your thoughts concerning IHOP, or International House of Pancakes.

Delicious Choices Anytime

IHOP provides breakfast items at any time of the day or night. Each location uses fresh ingredients to make delicious choices made from scratch. The flavor of the food is outstanding and leaves you wanting more.

Some locations even offer soups and sandwiches so that each family member can eat what they are hungry for. Salads are also offered as well as hearty plates for dinner.

IHOP loves kids and even provides “Just For Kids” menu items including Create-A-Face Pancake, Funny Face, Silver Five, and Baby Cakes. For lunch and dinner, the company offers chicken strips meals as well as grilled cheese plates.

Simple and Fit

International House of Pancakes restaurant offers the Simple & Fit menu options. For individuals who are watching more closely how they eat, options are available when placing your order. Options include asking for less, holding ingredients, using substitutions, asking for dressings on the side, as well as using sugar-free syrups or egg substitutes.

Participating in the Survey

IHOP would love for you to take a few minutes to participate in the survey option at www.ihopfeedback.com. Take a few minutes once you receive the survey code to begin the question process. Let them know how you feel about the food and the service!

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