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Rebate Center for Home Depot

Home Depot offers a rebate center for their customers. At the center, you can submit a rebate, track a rebate, and check on card balances. Keyword searches can also be used to find existing rebates on brands you purchase from Home Depot.Home Depot

The rebate center is available at the link provided below and is easy to navigate. When making a purchase, access the rebate center on line and search for brands you have purchased. The site will list the rebates which are available for your use. Rebates can be printed out and many can be used at the store on your next visit.

If you would like to create a personal account online, then you can register and enter your email address. You will also be sent updated information about new deals listed on site.

You can begin searching the rebate site by brand name, or view all rebates available. At the upper right corner of the web page, you can choose your store location to make the information more personal to your area. You will also have an option to view the local advertisements from the rebate center.

If you are in further need of assistance, Home Depot is available by phone to assist you at 800-HOME- DEPOT or by calling 800-466-3337.

Make the most of your rebates through Home Depot by visiting the Home Depot Rebates Center often – as offers will change each week, or month. You can access the site at www.homedepotrebates.com.

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