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Home Depot Online Survey – $5000

Did you buy your loved one a Home Depot gift card for the holidays? How was the staff when you visited your neighborhood location?  If you had any issues, please take a few minutes to join the online survey. If not, you are more than welcome to also voice your opinion!  Home Depot

Home Depot Online

The Home Depot Online survey is available in English as well as French and Spanish. Simply, choose the option at the beginning of the survey. Survey takes will also be asked for their zip code/postal code on the beginning page.

Those who complete the online survey will also be entered to win a $5K Home Depot gift card. After choosing the language and entering your code above, you will be greeted with a thank you page. On this second page of the survey, you will have the option to review the policy for privacy and see the full sweepstakes rules.

This particular survey is open to those who are at least eighteen years old and living in the fifty United States. The District of Columbia is also included. For more info on location, please refer to the sweepstakes document.

While on the survey site, there is also a How to Get Help option if needed. Also, the winners list is available to be viewed if interested in seeing the latest winners. The survey will take about ten minutes on average to complete.

New Year Projects

The New Year is coming and many families will have new projects to complete. If you prefer Home Depot over Lowes, be sure to let the company know why. They are interested in helping families to complete new projects while providing products needed with great customer care.

To join the online survey for Home Depot, please visit www.homedepotopinion.com!

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