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Cat Footwear Feedback Survey

Are you just as pleased with your Cat Footwear as when you purchased it six months ago? Does the brand name stand up to the “image” the Cat company holds publically? They would love to know how you like their footwear.  Cat Footwear

Cat Footwear Online

Although, the online survey is mainly for recent purchases you can still let the company know how well their name brand products stand the test. The online survey is hosted on the company’s main website.

To begin the feedback option, visit the link provided below. Then, take a look at the questions offered on the page. The time to complete the questions is approximately five minutes on average.

If you desire to leave more info after the survey, there is also a Contact Us link in the lower left hand corner of the survey page. If you want to personally let a manager know how well a specific employee did, then this is a great way to verbalize your praise.

Returns & Exchanges

Cat desires the very best for you and offers a convenient way to make exchanges or returns. Returns can be completed within the 45-day time limit from the day the items were purchased. There is no charge for returns or exchanges.

After taking the online survey, you will notice a link in the lower left corner for returns and exchanges. Click the hotlink and you will be brought to the appropriate page. Enter your order number, last name (or email address), and your billing zip code. Submit and you will be given further instructions to complete the exchange/return.

The online survey for Cat Footwear is located at www.catfootwear.com/survey!

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