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Castor & Pollux Online Survey

Do you love Castor & Pollux products for your pet? The company offers a quick online survey just for you. While you are visiting, you can also join their sign up and save program!








Castor & Pollux Online

The online survey takes only minutes to complete. The company would love to know what products you buy and how many pets you have. They also ask for insights related to the type of food you feed your pet. The survey also asks where you like to buy the products. And, whether you have purchased from an organic pet food store before. The survey is quick and easy to take. And, you will receive a coupon for joining!

Higher Standards

Castor & Pollux is the leader in organic pet food. They offer higher standards in the creation of foods for cats and dogs. Each ingredient is USDA Organic approved and certified. The Pristine line of foods is the only complete line of pet foods made with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Rescue Organizations

Did you know Castor & Pollux team up with rescue organizations? They desire to ensure cats and dogs in the world are living better lives. For more info, the program is called PetWorks Partners program. Details are also available on Castor & Pollux main website.

Food Calculator

Do you wonder if you are feeding your pet the right amount of food? Castor & Pollux offers a food calculator online. Simply choose cat or dog. Then choose their age and activity level along with weight. Your pet’s recommended Kcal level is provided instantly.

Join the Survey

Don’t forget to join the survey and let the company know your input. Also, join and save on great organic pet products. The online survey is available at www.castorpolluxpet.com/signupandsave!

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