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Burger 21 Online Survey

Did you find Burger 21 food products exciting on your last lunch stop? Or, did you find the food was lacking in your personal opinion?  Did you receive your order the way you requested it? Take some time to reflect on your most recent experience by offering your opinion in their online survey.  Burger 21

Burger 21 Online

The online survey is available for those who liked their last visit as well as for those who had issues. Both offer great and valuable feedback to the company in their own personal way. The survey is available online 24/7 and will only take a small amount of time to complete.

The first thing you will notice when you visit the survey link provided is when you visit the page, you will need to choose the state, city, and location of your most recent visit. After answering each necessary item, please click the next button on the right lower part of the web page. There is also a progress bar which will show you how far you are into the survey.

This online survey is sponsored by InMoment which offers feedback services to companies like Burger 21. While visiting the online survey site, there is also info regarding the company’s privacy policy. The link is in the lower left hand corner of the web page.

Exceptional Service

The goal of Burger 21 is to always offer exceptional service. The online survey is one way they review how well they are doing. If individuals do not take the time to do the survey, then the company may not fully realize an issue needs addressed.

So, taking a few minutes of time will help the company and help the community members who visit the online restaurants. The online survey for Burger 21 is located at www.burger21feedback.com!

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