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Brains Customer Satisfaction Survey – £1000

Have you tried Brains’ award winning beer lately? Brains carry the most famous drink available in Wales and the surrounding areas. It is also found in throughout the rest of Britain with increasing expansion.Brains Beer

Brains pubs offer great food items in addition to quality drinks. Their line is expanding rapidly along with high quality services. If you are looking for a nice place to stay, or to celebrate, Brains pubs are high class options available to you.

If you are interested in providing feedback on your Brains experience, visit the online questionaire. You can be a part of the company’s 127 year history.

How do I Enter the Survey?

The customer questionnaire is hosted by Empathica. You will have the opportunity to share what you like, or dislike, about Brains.

In doing so, you will have a chance to win £1000. By placing your opinions online, you will be entered into the drawing ten times, as well as have a chance to win an Apple iPod instantly upon completion.

To start the survey process, enter your most recent survey entry code. This is printed on your receipt at the bottom. This will be followed by answering a few questions about your experience.

Contest rules are also available on site. It is recommended to take a look at these to become familiar with the guidelines. Any questions may be answered, as well.

Brains Accommodations

Brains offers over 250 pub locations across Wales. If you are interested in finding one near you, visit the main site for Brains. You will be able to find a location for your personal needs, as well as business requirements.

Details are available online for booking rooms. Booking is easily obtained by selecting the desired region, or by choosing a pub location. Brains offer quality rooms at affordable prices. Bookings are also available specific to your functions, including parties, business meetings, and so on.

Discount Offers and More Savings

Brains offer discount savings and additional offers to the community. There are several categories of savings to look at on site. They include limited period offers, ongoing offers, or offers by pub location.

Customers are also given the option to sign up for email alerts concerning Brains offers. Offers are transmitted concerning two-for-one specials, newly available specials, and Brains up-to-date news. Additional information is also available on site.

Are you ready to Enter to Win?

You can let the company know how they are doing, by visiting their customer satisfaction survey site, today. By letting Brains know how they are doing, you will have the opportunity to shape the history of the products and services offered. In the process, you will have a chance to win instantly, and be placed into the grand drawing.

Brains are working diligently to serve their customers only the best in quality foods and beverages. They also are waiting to hear from you to help add to their award winning selections.

Will you be part of Brains awarding winning history?

Visit www.brainsfeedback.com, today!

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