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Belk Department Online Survey

Do you still enjoy shopping Belk Department store even though they have changed over the years? Have you had any issues recently with the staff or with products you have purchased? The company would like to know how you feel about them.  Belk

Belk Online Survey

The Belk Department stores is offering an online survey in English, or Spanish. Simply visit the online survey link provided to begin the process. The information you will need while visiting will be available from your most recent purchase receipt. Simply enter the eighteen digit code on the survey site and click Start. This will allow you to continue through the survey process through to completion.

The company is interested in knowing how you rate them. They desire to know more about your views of their services, their staff, and their products. Taking the online survey will take about ten minutes of your time, and your feedback will be a wonderful way to voice your opinions about the company.

Two-Hundred Locations

Belk Department stores are very near to providing two hundred locations for customer convenience. The company was founded in 1888 and they have now expanded into sixteen different states. So, the company has definitely kept their “head in the game” while competing the stores like JCP and Sears over the years. This company is still a family operated company which gives them the upper hand in providing great service overall to the communities.

Do You Agree?

Do you agree Belk still has their “head in the game?” Do you agree they still offer great service overall? Or, do you feel their service has gone downhill over the years? Now, is your time to offer your opinion! Join the survey process and let them know how your most recent visit was for you and your family! Visit the online survey at www.belksurvey.com!


  1. On my survey , i was told to enter my code 0212 160199 10161834, i really enjoy shopping at Belks, service is great, my code i enter is to win 500 00 Belk gift card. I shop at Belks all the time, love their sales!!

  2. On my survey, I was told to enter my code 1206 150599 10045284. I enjoy shopping at Belks , the service was great and the associate that helped me was Lauren.

  3. My daughter and I love shopping at Belks in Suffolk, Virginia. I’m in a wheelchair and find the merchandise and fitting rooms very accessible. The sales are awesome (my daughter is a savvy user of coupons and we have realized unbelievable savings on her favorite brands as well as mine, Alfred Dunner!) The sales personnel are extremely helpful and courteous. Can’t wait until our next shopping experience at Bells.

  4. Visited your West Town Mall store (china) on January 6, 2018. Your employee Lynn was one of the most helpful and courteous sales person I have had the pleasure to deal with. She is definitely an asset to your organization. More people like her are needed for customer contacts.

    Hats off to her??

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