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Microsoft Store Online Survey

Microsoft continues to offer an online survey for those who have recently made a purchase from the online store. The online questionnaire is open to anyone who has made a purchase online. Microsoft

The Online Survey

The Microsoft survey will take approximately five minutes to complete and will provide information to the company which is very useful. The survey is available in two languages: English as well as Spanish. Individuals who enter the survey process must be at least 13 years of age.

To begin the survey process, first choose the language of choice. Then proceed through the questions unto completion. While visiting the survey site, individuals will have access to more information about the sweepstakes offered as well as related privacy policies.

ComStore is the provider of this particular survey. They will collect information and provide the results directly to Microsoft. For those who complete the survey, an opportunity will be offered to win a Surface.

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Visit the Microsoft Survey online at http://microsoftfeedback.com!

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  1. Hello. I want you to know how pleased I was with purchase of my new phone @ your Washington square store.
    ALBERTO, there was fantastic. Great product knowledge, kept me within my needs and budget. He spent quality time with me explaining the phone’s operation. he was patient with this 70 something female. He was wonderful, gave me the” extra mile customer service”, not at all what I expected. I am delighted with my purchase.
    Your staff there are genuinely helpful to one another when needed. One can tell that they enjoy and are committed to their job and to their customers. Fantastic service. Thank you. Carol Garnett

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