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Big Prize Surveys – Part One

Everyone loves a big prize, but did you know we have some big prize surveys? These surveys offer a big prize to the winner. This makes completing these surveys more valuable to many. The nice thing is that they also come from well-known companies.Home Depot

Home Depot

Our first big prize survey is for Home Depot. This store offers some great values for the home whether it be to build a new home or fix an existing one. They offer some great values for the family and also offer wood shop classes for the kids every month.

The survey option for Home Depot is a great way to offer your personal rating. The survey is available in English, Spanish, or French for your convenience. This survey offers a big prize of $5000.


Our next survey option is offered by Sears. Sears has been a family oriented business for many years. They offer a wide variety of shopping needs including clothing, tools, home appliances, and much more.

The survey can be started by entering your 12 digit check number from your most recent receipt. Then, you will answer a few questions rating your experience. This big prize survey is offering a $4000 prize.


Staples offer the family supplies, ink, electronics, office furniture, and more. The company has gained more popularity over the years and many know it as a household name.

This big prize survey offers a $5000 prize. Those who complete the survey option will be entered to win. This survey is available in Spanish or English.

Big Prize Surveys

Big prize surveys are a great way to add your info and have a chance to win a nice prize. Please take some time to offer your honest opinion online! Stay tuned for more info on big prize surveys here at Applied Surveys.

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