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Wal-Mart Canada Survey Option

Do you live in Canada and shop Wal-Mart on a regular basis? Would you like to tell the company your personal thoughts and opinions? Then, you can visit the survey site to give them your thoughts. When you first visit the site, you will notice the option to choose English or French for the survey language.walmart

Once you choose your language, then you will be taken to a new web page which explains the survey privacy policy as well as gives you other valuable info. When you are finished reading this section, then click continue at the bottom of the page.

The next step in the survey is to enter your postal code. Then you will be led through a series of survey questions to finish the survey option. By providing honest information, then you will be providing insights for the company to improve their services and products provided to the Canadian area.

Products at Low Prices

Wal-Mart offers a large line of products to the public for low prices. They offer items for the family including clothing, undergarments, personal products, hair products, and more. They also offer a wide range of products for the home including small furniture items, paper products, bookkeeping supplies, office supplies, curtains, sheets, kitchen products, and so much more.

Most Wal-Mart locations also offer pharmacy services and automotive services. In some places you will also find eye glass services and salon services. Wal-Mart would love to hear about how you feel about the store of your choice by participating in the survey option.

Common Questions Regarding the Survey:

  1. How much time will the survey take? It will take approximately 12 minutes to complete.
  2. How soon should I complete the survey? You should complete your survey within a short time of receiving your invitation. Most survey options ask for completion within fourteen days.
  3. Can you do the survey by phone? Unfortunately, Wal-Mart only offers this survey option online.
  4. Can you change your answers by going back to previous questions? No, the system will not allow you to do this. You can only go forward in answering questions.
  5. Is my info kept in privacy? Yes, the info you submit within the survey will not be shared with any third parties. Your info entered will be held in strict confidence.

Don’t forget to let the company know how they are doing in Canada at http://survey.walmart.ca!

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