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WinCo Foods Online Survey – $500

Do you love shopping at WinCo Foods? Would you love to win $500? The company is offering the sweepstakes prize as an entry for completing their online survey! 






WinCo Foods Online

The online survey for WinCo is an excellent tool to let the company know how they rate! You can enter information related to your last visit to one of their local stores. To start the online survey, visit the link provided. Then, complete the questions and you will be entered to win!

More About WinCo

WinCo includes over 120 employee-owned locations with over 18K employees. A large number of stores are located along the California coast. Other locations can be found in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The business started in the 1960s by two businessmen in Idaho. The first store was running under the name Waremart. The store offered low prices in a warehouse style store. Later on, Waremart evolved into a supermarket becoming famous for a variety of benefits offered to consumers. When the original founder passed, the company was purchased by the employees which later become WinCo.

WinCo Benefits

WinCo offers a wide range of benefits to their customers. The shopping experience offers low prices in a friendly environment. Online, the company offers recipes, coupons, shopping tips, special offers, store event information, and customer service options.

Online Orders

WinCo offers online orders for a variety of products. Deli trays range from around $8 to $30 depending on your personal needs. Deli fried and baked chicken is also an option for ordering. And, let’s not forget about the cakes and desserts they offer!

How do you Feel?

How do you feel about WinCo’s customer service? Do you like the food they offer and is it always in a friendly atmosphere at your local store? We would love to know how you personally feel! Before taking the online survey at www.wincofoods.com/survey, we would love to hear your comments!


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