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Vega Factor Online Survey

Do you ever wonder about your motives to work? Vega Factor is known to help researchers to discover motives and reasons why people work and why they work well at what the do. Consider being a part of an ongoing research project by taking the online survey they offer.




Vega Factor Questionnaire

The Vega Factor survey is free to take, and it will require approximately five minutes of your time to complete. When you take the survey, there are no wrong answers and there are no grades. By taking the online survey, you will help the company understand more about the strengths and weaknesses which drive your motives.

Various Survey Options

When you visit the survey page, you will be provided with some basic info about Vega Factor. Then you will be presented with a few different survey options:

Individual surveys offer information to help understand your motives which drive you to work and live. This includes making everyday decisions in your life.

Leadership surveys are offered as well. By taking this survey, you will help the company to see what drives you as a leader in your company as well as help learn what takes your team to the next level of performance.

The last survey option is the team survey which will look at group dynamics as they relate to working. This will also include cultural aspects to help Vega Factor understand more related info.

Take One, Two, or Three

Depending on your interests, you can take one of the surveys, two of the surveys, or all three. If you choose to take more than one, complete the first survey. Then, you can go back to the survey site link below to take additional questionnaires.

The Vega Factor online surveys are available at  www.vegafactor.com/survey!


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