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Walmart Online Survey – $1000 Gift Card

Have you taken the Walmart online survey option for 2015? Did you shop at one of the store locations in the past couple of weeks? The online option is available and those who complete the survey will be entered to win a $1000 gift card.walmart

Online Survey

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the states and they also offer one of the biggest contest prizes. It may well be the most entered online survey option as well. Each time you visit Walmart, you can enter the contest by following the information provided on your paper receipt.

Issues or No Issues

During the recent holiday season, did you have any issues during your shopping experience you would like to share? Whether there were issues, or not, it is a great time to provide your opinion.

Did you use the Walmart Savings Catcher application so you can save more money for you and your family? Do you feel the application is worth using? For some, the Savings Catcher has allowed families to receive money back on their Walmart purchases in the form of an e-gift card. The program is easy to use and does work for many, so take some time to review the program.

Online Shopping Feedback

Shoppers who visit the online store and make purchases can still provide feedback on the survey site for Walmart. There is an optional link provided which will allow you and your family to offer your own personal feedback.


While visiting the online survey site provided for this company, your information will be held in strict confidence. The information is not sold to any third parties during anytime. More information is available at the survey link below for those interested.

Make a Difference

Over the years, some customers have not been fully satisfied with what Walmart has to offer. Some products are no longer carried and it is important to voice your concerns. Take ten minutes of your time today to take the online survey for Walmart today. The survey is provided online at www.survey.walmart.com and you can make a difference by visiting today!

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