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Rain Soft Online Survey

Rain Soft is going strong since 1953. The business offers whole-house water as well as treatment systems for the air. The company started in Illinois and now has expanded their reach. They are based in the United States and now twenty other countries. 







Rain Soft Survey

Have you used any of the Rain Soft products? If so, the company would love to hear your feedback! Rain Soft loves to hear of satisfied customers. And, for those with an issue, they desire to make things right.

To begin the online survey, visit the survey link provided below. Enter your online survey code, then answer the questions offered in the feedback. If you have issues with the survey, or would like to provide more feedback, you can also email them at RainSoft @ 305Spin (dot) com. None of the info you provide online is shared outside of the Rain Soft organization.

Free Water Test

Rain Soft offers a free water test to new customers. This allows them to know how your water is and they will provide info on how they can make your family water even better. A free in the home consultation is available by visiting the online website to provide them info. Or, additional contact info is provided online as well.

Online Product Manuals

Do you have a Rain Soft product and need to review a product manual? The company includes the ability to access their product manuals easily. Manuals are offered on the following:

  • Drinking water systems
  • Whole house water conditioners
  • Oxytech products
  • Air purification systems

Also, take a look at their knowledge center. They offer information about: water basics, water treatment options, water facts, and home water filtration systems.

Join the online Rain Soft feedback survey at www.rainsoft.com/survey, today!

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