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Pick N Save Customer Survey

Is Pick N Save your favorite place to shop for groceries and household items? Have you run into some issues recently with the quality of products they offer? The company is offering an online survey in which you are encouraged to provide feedback.Pick N Save

Pick N Save Online Survey

When you visit the survey site, you will see an example of a store receipt. From your most recent shopping receipt, you will need to enter some information.

To begin the survey, you will need to enter the date of visit, time of visit, store number, lane number, as well as the transaction number. All of this information is important to provide the best possible information to the company.

This survey site is hosted by Service Management Group which works alongside the store to gather data and make necessary improvements. By providing your information, you will be helping the store to make decisions to improve product selection as well as customer satisfaction.

Individuals who complete the survey option, they will be entered into a sweepstakes. The sweepstakes may change from time to time and your local store will provide more information to you if needed.

Online Benefits

The online store front can be found at the link below. The website provides information on ads, coupons, cooking ideas, wellness information, specialty brands offered, as well as store news.

Pick N Save also offers an email newsletter to help you stay up to date with store information. The newsletter may include specials, dieting information, healthy alternatives to living, and much more.

The Pick N Save Online Survey option is available for you at www.picknsaveexperience.com! Be sure to visit today!

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