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Kansas Secured Title Online Survey

Have you recently done business with Kansas Secured Title? Did you know they are offering an online satisfaction survey? Read more to find out how you can join!








Kansas Secured Title Feedback

The feedback survey for Kansas Secured Title is a one-page survey which contains ten quick questions. The following items are asked to get your honest opinion:

  • Contact info
  • Which office you used
  • How did you hear about Kansas Secured Title
  • Were you comfortable during your visit?
  • Did closing begin on time?
  • Were you well-informed?
  • Were things handled efficiently?
  • Would you choose their services again?
  • Rate their office
  • Add your personal comments

This quick and easy survey takes very little time to complete. And, you will be offering them valuable info so they can better serve future customers. The company desires to provide service beyond expectation!

Services Offered

Kansas Secured Title offers a variety of services. They work with lenders, realtors, commercial members, and buyers as well as sellers. The company has provided valuable services since 1948. Rates offered by KST are competitive and they work to go above and beyond your expectations. There is even a rate calculator online if you desire to get a “glimpse” of costs for your title and closing needs.

Vision & Mission

The vision of KST is to create peace of mind for customers. And, the mission of KST is striving to provide the highest quality title & settlement products as well as services for customers.

Work in the Industry

If you have experience in this area of expertise, then you can also apply online to Kansas Secured Title. Simply, visit the online website and submit your personal resume. Want to know more about the company first? They offer some great info online along with video presentations.

Closing with Kansas Secured Title

If you recently closed with Kansas Secured Title or used one of their other services, why not join the online survey? It takes a short amount of time and you will provide insights into how well they are doing! Visit the online survey today at https://kstitle.com/survey!



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